Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonky carpentry 2013

Tetsu finished the Golden Week kitchen renovation with a new wonky shelf.

The wastebasket cupboard Tetsu had made a few months ago and I had complained there was a lot of wasted space on the top of it.  I was all for going out and buying a cupboard to fit on top of the waste basket "box"  I'm afraid Tetsu's carpentry is often so clunky that it doesn't really hold all that a slimmer, efficiency designed piece might hold.  But just as I like making quilts just to see if I can, Tetsu likes to saw and pound lumber just to see what useful object he can make

I love the new cupboard!  It is sturdy and can hold a vegetable basket a fruit bowl and other condiments. (Let's see... Up on top there is a Tetsu made used milk carton holder.)  I love the way with an accumulation of  "Tetsu" pieces, my kitchen has a lovely rustic look to it

"Oh!  You are so wonderful!  The cupboard just fits!!!"

Tetsu was very pleased with himself and with my abundance of praise.  I'm afraid the kitchen is too small to take a full picture of the whole piece in one shot.  Too bad Tetsu can't enlarge the kitchen too!

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