Friday, May 10, 2013

An occasional patchwork Friday

My friends and I had another sewing day... not our regular Thursday patchwork.  Mrs. Furui has involved us in making things for the hospital (whereas we USED to only do patchwork for the kindergarten) and so now the occasional Friday get-togethers are "hospital patchwork day".

The hospital and Ronald McDonald House get a lot of donations and someone donated an ABUNDANCE of beautiful fabrics.  So whoever is in charge thought of Mrs. Furui and sent a few boxes home with her.  Our group agreed to turn some of the fabric into pretty little heart pouches.

Four of us with two sewing machines going, finished up the heart pouch project adding to the pouches we'd made a couple of weeks ago.  20 pouches all together! 

Quite an assortment of colors and patterns.

Well, that was a nice day of chatting, teasing, sewing and playing with pretty fabrics.

On the home front I got another 4 Pine Burr blocks finished.  Only 4 more to go... not to mention the 40 plus lattice strips still to make.  I brought home scraps from the heart pouch session to use in my Pine Burr lattice.  Not that I need any more scraps...

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