Thursday, May 2, 2013

Golden Week sewing

Am I behind on my sewing?  I haven't been posting much about it, have I?

This week I have Mrs. Furui's summer quilt for the hospital.  She did the applique work, we will both do the hand quilting.  In the late afternoons and evenings I toss all the cats off of the quilt (Mrs. Furui is going to have a fit seeing cats on her quilt) and sit and quilt for a couple hours. 

Can't really see that I am making much progress but I am.  This is all random quilting...  Quilt a path where my needle takes me.

 Here is the back... a dot here, a dot there. 

And upstairs I am still making triangle strips.  But I got tired of that endless sewing and have gone off on a tangent.  Too bad too... I've still got 80 strips to make...  It's a little early to be getting bored.

I did want to make sure that those strips are going to be able to be turned into something.  Wouldn't it be a disaster to make 98 strips and find out they don't come together!  So I've sewn a couple strips together into a length of lattice.  Nice...  48 more lattice pieces to go...


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