Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring flowers

Random flower pictures today.  Spring has arrived and there are flowers blooming in the forest and around my house.

I had to look this flower up in the dictionary; it is called a Japanese Rose (Yamabuki) but it doesn't look much like a rose to me.  Maybe a wild tree rose?  There is this many petaled variety (which is taking over my yard) and another single petal variety that is seen in the depths of the forest.

This is called Daikonbana, and it also grows along the roadsides and at the edge of the rice fields.

Of all the cherry blossoms, this many petaled variety blooms last...  (If I was ambitious I'd go pick some fresh petals and pack them in salt...  Good for making cherry blossom tea or cherry blossom rice.)

This strip of land is not far from our house either.  The row of houses next to the road have cooperated to plant the colorful Shibazakura.

Driving somewhere I spotted Peonies blooming in front of a house.  I guess Peonies aren't too strong in the sun and the gardener put up an umbrella to protect his flowers.  I love the Japanese umbrella there rather than a plain old plastic one.

I tried my hand at photographing a closeup of a dandelion tuft.  So pretty and delicate.

How close can I get?

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