Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just a little thing

The other day I sent some packages off at the post office.  The post office girls know me as I go in quite a lot to send letters or packages and do my banking (yes!  banking at the post office!)  A couple of years ago they got to know me VERY well when I got involved with sending off used obis to people all over the world who contributed to the Japanese Red Cross.  Every couple of days I'd go in with a new wrapped up obi and the girls would weigh the package and I would pay the postage.

"Could you please put stamps on that for me?  I'd rather have stamps than the little label thingy."

Stamps (I suppose in any country) are so beautiful and interesting.  Sometimes Japanese stamps sheets will have illustrations extending off the individual stamps and onto the sheet and it seems a shame to remove only the stamps.  Often my packages would have the whole sheet on the back of my package just so the pretty effect wasn't lost.  The girls got very good at putting as many different stamps on my packages as possible!

Anyway...  last week I sent off some packages and asked for stamps as usual.  And I did my banking at the next window and forgot something so I had to make a trip home.  I came back an hour later and as I passed the post office window I recalled that I hadn't put my return address on one of the packages.

"Is that package I mailed still here?  I think it doesn't have a return address."

The package was in the back room and the girl brought it out for me.

"I know you like the pretty stamps and sheets so I decorated your package.  I hope that was alright."

The post office girl had taken the time to cut out a kimono figure from the disposable part of another stamp sheet and had arranged it artistically on the front of the package.  I wish I'd thought to take a picture but I was busy assuring the girl that I just LOVED the little touch she had added.  The girl was so happy that she cut out another kimono figure for me to use another time.

The post office girl didn't have to add that extra touch and it was just by chance that I asked to have my package back to add the return address. Though she didn't expect me to ever know that she'd done an extra service, she took the time to make my package recipient happy.

Just a little thing...

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