Sunday, June 23, 2013

E-mail typo

Someone let me know that my e-mail address was wrong on the last post I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  So sorry about that.  I have corrected the address on the last post and here it is again if you are still interested in contacting me...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Replying to comments

I am slowly fading away here...

I'm sorry but you are really going to have to send me an e-mail.  So far that has been the easiest way to reconnect with me.  With only your name I really can't get in touch with you and give you details... (Lois Jean, B. in the US, Susan, Ida, Marquetta, Sharon, Diah, Martine, Diana, Jo, Jewel, Pat, Quit for fun, Golden isis, Shirley E.)

My gmail address is

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Sorry about the mix-up yesterday...  I'm making some changes in my life!

I have decided to start over in blogging.  I have been having a problem with readers who feel they need to tell me how to write my blog.  They don't like my pictures or they don't like my topics.  I'm sorry, but it is my blog and I do not want to be hindered by who thinks what about whatever.  I'm also getting a lot of spam that is very annoying.

I suppose I could just click on the "only these readers" button.  But that would make me and my blog disappear completely for my anonymous readers...  I don't think that is fair to the faithful readers who have stopped in for so many months or years.  Making a whole new private blog is a bit frightening, but it means I can control things a bit more.

I have been playing around on the new blog site (and that's why invitations went out to some people and not to others) and have been having a lot of fun!  Hey!  I didn't know I could adjust my blog widths if I use another template!  I didn't know I could post larger pictures!  Oh!  So many things to explore!

So...  It seems that I can just click on a g-mail contact button and everyone will get an invitation to this new blog...  But some people (yoo-hoo Leiya, you are one of those people!) have three or four e-mail addresses and I have no idea which one you normally use.

What I can do is send out an invitation to people I recognize from their g-mail addresses that I have.  I guess if anyone else wants an invite, then you'll have to contact me in this post's comment section or by the e-mail address in my blog profile.  This may mean that some people will have to make a g-mail account (which is free) and I apologize if it is an inconvenience or if you feel that I've jilted you.

This is the explanation I get on Blogger.

Only these readers 
You can restrict your blog to only readers you choose. However, these readers will need to log in before reading your blog, adding an extra step. 

We'll save your readers list for you, so you can switch back at any time. 

So though I'll be somewhere else and I'll be using a new layout...  The new blog is really just a continuation of this one.  Same old topics, same animals, same sewing going on.

Thank you for being so friendly and faithful, for commenting and encouraging.  I hope I see you again. I'll be trying to send out those invitations again today... wish me luck...

Update.  Okay... So far this isn't working.  I guess you are going to have to send me an e-mail...  I can't register anybody from the comment box.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Progress report

Here it is June.  Might as well give a progress report on my patchwork activity at home.

Ta-da!  20 Pine Burr Blocks!  I am finished with those!!!  Whew!  I think I was getting sloppy at the end because the last one turned out like a tent and I had to redo it...  I don't think you can guess now which one is the sloppy one and I'm not telling!  That was A LOT of hand sewing!!

And of course I've been plugging away on the lattice strips.  I'm still making triangle strips but to alleviate some of the boredom, eh-hem, concentrated routine work, I've been putting the strips together into lattice pieces.  At date I have 20 lattice pieces and I think I need 49 (or maybe it is 48... every time I count I come up with a different number.)  And I still have about 20 triangle strips (two strips per piece) by my sewing machine so I may have passed my middle mark! 

Now that my hand sewing is finished on the Pine Burr blocks I will move on to hand piecing the lattice corners.  Two done... By my calculations I need 30.   Sigh.

There are still a lot of sewing days ahead of me but I'm making progress!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A finished quilt and progress...

We had a fun and profitable Thursday Patchwork Day yesterday. 

Mrs. Furui finished up her Summer quilt for the hospital!   I spent the morning sewing down the binding.

This turned out to be a collaborative project.  Mrs. Furui did the planning and applique (all those freehand stripes and circles!) and I did most of the quilting.  I hand-quilted to my heart's content and probably added a lot more swirls and curves than Mrs. Furui expected.  But, it is done!

The cute little elves (that we don't want you to miss) are a take off from the hospital wall paper in the children's ward.  We couldn't think of a good name for this quilt... "Summer Elves"...  "Water Play"...?  Mrs. Furui will get this up on the hospital wall sometime next week name or no name.

Oh dear...  We all forgot to take pictures of the bazaar quilt that we basted.  I guess everyone was too busy crawling around on the floor with needle and thread.  That quilt is officially out of our hands and will go to a friend who will machine quilt it for us.  The bazaar isn't until November...  We are way ahead of ourselves!

Mrs. Yamaguchi spent the day getting her quilt blocks all together into one piece.  (Still in the layout stage here but she did sew it all together yesterday).  She will add white borders and then trace a quilting pattern on it.  Maybe feathers?

There were another couple of projects that have made progress... but more about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A typical evening in front of the TV.

My sleeping beauties... Neither of them ever have any idea of what we've been watching.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From the misc. photo file

Let's see... what do I have in my miscellaneous photo file...

A typical shot of Tetsu and Choco in the early morning.

We see a lot of herons' eggs around on the forest floor.  Pretty blue things.  I have a suspicion that the crows steal the eggs and then drop them and crack them open.  I feel sorry for the herons but we do have an overcrowding of the heron population right now...

Here is Mi inspecting my malfunctioning camera lens (I used the other lens to take the picture.)

Another early morning view of the countryside.

Okay... I've got to go.  Time to close down my computer and take it to the kindergarten!