Saturday, June 1, 2013

Progress report

Here it is June.  Might as well give a progress report on my patchwork activity at home.

Ta-da!  20 Pine Burr Blocks!  I am finished with those!!!  Whew!  I think I was getting sloppy at the end because the last one turned out like a tent and I had to redo it...  I don't think you can guess now which one is the sloppy one and I'm not telling!  That was A LOT of hand sewing!!

And of course I've been plugging away on the lattice strips.  I'm still making triangle strips but to alleviate some of the boredom, eh-hem, concentrated routine work, I've been putting the strips together into lattice pieces.  At date I have 20 lattice pieces and I think I need 49 (or maybe it is 48... every time I count I come up with a different number.)  And I still have about 20 triangle strips (two strips per piece) by my sewing machine so I may have passed my middle mark! 

Now that my hand sewing is finished on the Pine Burr blocks I will move on to hand piecing the lattice corners.  Two done... By my calculations I need 30.   Sigh.

There are still a lot of sewing days ahead of me but I'm making progress!

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