Monday, May 20, 2013

Tiny sewing again

What are these?

My watch band broke a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to go buy a new one.  Boring black or brown.

I remembered coming across an article in a June, 2004 Fons and Porter magazine about making a watch band.  Is that really possible?

Well, it is possible but it is a lot of work too!  So tiny!  The magazine article gave instructions for a crazy quilt type of watch band.  I wanted triangles..  And after sewing, turning these little things right side out was a real bear!!!

The watch spring bars go through loops of grosgrain ribbon...  And let me tell you, that ribbon frays pretty easily.  I had to make three tries.  And it pulls there too so I reinforced my top-stitch quite heavily... Not the neatest job.

The magazine suggested using Velcro.  I looked at my old broken watch band lying beside the sewing machine and wondered if I could reuse the gold clasp instead...  It would mean punching a hole or two in the band... It would mean adding a flap loop...

I did it!  My watch now has a new watchband.  I don't know how sturdy this is going to be... Maybe I can learn from experience and the next one I make will go smoother.

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