Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A big milestone has been reached!  Leiya has graduated from college!!!!

You've all read the posts I've written before about how Leiya went to the States at 15, how she lived with a host family, how she struggled through American high school, how she gathered scholarships to attend an American college... and now after 5 years SHE HAS GRADUATED!!!!

I wonder if she knows how proud we are of her.  Tetsu and I are not great at expressing our gaiety and pride.  A simple..."That's great.  Good job!"  but we are happy and relieved and proud as all get out.   Just thinking about Leiya makes us smile.

For Mother's Day Leiya sent me a picture from one of our old albums.

"I'm all grown up now!"

She must have been about two when I took the picture and all dressed up in an old skirt and scarf of mine.  Quite a little dumpling at that age!

And now look at her!  That's quite a young lady there!

Well, Leiya's family didn't get to her graduation but her friends attended and they have been sending me pictures and the graduation program (Thank you Julie!) and Leiya has forwarded me Facebook pictures.

Excuse me if I boast.  My beautiful daughter with the sparkling smile.

Go out into the world and change it for the better Leiya!!

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