Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Neighborhood wisteria

Tetsu and I get out early on weekends and walk Choco a bit farther than usual.  Wherever we go Tetsu asks me

"Aren't you going to take a picture of this?"

which results in an awful lot of pictures.  He needs to get his own camera!

So these are some pictures of what we've seen lately...

There is a temple within walking distance which is hardly visited by anyone EXCEPT for one week in May when the wisteria blooms.  It seems to have a very old wisteria vine that stretches over a good part of the temple grounds.  Tetsu and I (and Choco) walked over before the rest of the world was awake and tried to capture the delicate blossoms digitally.  We couldn't capture the wisteria fragrance!

Bees were buzzing around the blossoms.

The trunk of the vine is huge and there is an elaborate support system for the elderly branches.

 From the temple porch.

Actually there are wild wisteria all around us which are just as beautiful but a little higher up in the trees and hard to photo.  Such a lovely time of year!

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