Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nature classes with Y-kun

So what's going on recently...

Y-kun?  Y-kun is insulted that I blur out the pictures of him on my blog... So yesterday I asked his grandmother if I could post his pictures here and she happily told me to go ahead.

Last week Y-kun arrived with this "object".  He made it himself out of a section of bamboo he found on the ground and two sprouts of a maple tree, also found somewhere in the forest.  And he topped it off with moss from the forest too.  Now I think that is very innovative!  A work of art right there!  (Unfortunately the "object" did not survive the week as my cats ate the maple tree sprouts.)

When I praised Y-kun, he made a bee-line for the door and wanted to go gathering MORE sprouts to plant in my garden.  As he had come an hour early for English we headed out to the fields.

So here is an un-blurred picture of Y-kun.  We played around with my camera and took pictures of each other.

Me being photographed by Y-kun.  It was getting pretty dark by this time and he didn't seem interested in my instructions to NOT shoot against the light.

Let's see.  Y-kun showed me buckwheat sprouts and pointed out edible leaves.  Along the roadside Y-kun pulled wild onions for Tetsu to have with that night's dinner (Hmmm.  The onions are growing about where Choco pees every morning.)  And he also dug up an acorn sprout from the forest.  We carried it home in the shovel and Y-kun planted it in my yard.

Yesterday Y-kun arrived with vegetables and...

"What is this?"

"It's a rice plant!  You can grow rice in your house!"

He has got a flooded rice field right there in the plastic bottle.

"Y-kun...  the cats will just eat it."  (or knock it over... I imagined all that mud on my table and floor.)

"Let's put it in the bathroom.  The cats can't knock it over if the door is closed."

So now I'm growing a stalk of rice in my bathroom...

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