Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sudden sewing

Although I have been plodding away on my Pine Burr blocks, I think I'll make one more before I show my progress.  (I've set myself a monthly quota.)  And I'm slowly making one triangle strip after another... 80 some more to go...

My Tuesday English class, which consists of two friends, did a bit of "fabric art".  These are the friends who were trying knitting too, with English instructions.  I know that these ladies would almost rather be making something than studying English, so Tuesday I suddenly brought out paper and fabric and iron and scissors and told them to draw a flower.  (I figured I needed to provide some structure.)

My friends were caught a bit off guard...  Why are we drawing flowers?

And then I had them trace their flowers onto transfer paper... and then I brought out my basket of scraps.

"Find some fabric, cut out your transferred patterns, cut them out and then iron them on."

I provided background fabric and batting and backing scraps.  Within an hour my two friends had put together a mini-flower quilt.  They were very interested in the transfer technique as they hadn't known there was such materials available.  And I made them free-motion quilt it themselves!  They did a great job what with never seeing a free-motion quilting foot before!

Mrs. Okusa put borders on her mini-quilt.  Mrs. Ide took her mini-quilt home to expand with her own ideas.

And this week...

Two pretty spring creations!  Mrs. Okusa has a pretty decoration for a small wall space,  Mrs. Ide turned her little piece into a springy tote bag!

I think the worked very well.  What wonders my friends could make if I just gave them a little more warning next time!

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