Friday, April 19, 2013


On our morning walk today I spent some time stalking a pair of pheasants.  We can hear pheasants squawking in the forest and occasionally one will dash along the rice fields.  The males are noisy and quite flashy but if I have seen a female I've probably mistaken it for a quail (we have those too.)

I took my camera a telephoto lens with me this morning and with Tetsu holding on to Choco went out to see what we could see.

"A pheasant!  Hang on to Choco.  I'm going to see if I can photograph it."

"Hold still pheasant.  Show me your handsome red head."

Ah.  There is a female camoflagued in the field.  She certainly isn't as pretty as her husband.

Yeah!  Look at the feather markings on his back.  Just beautiful.  I hope this pheasant couple will soon have little pheasants running around after them.

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