Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rearranging my kitchen

Yesterday Tetsu and I spent the whole long day rearranging my kitchen.  This is the kitchen that I dislike because it is small and dark and inconvenient.  If you are interested, here is a post I wrote about why I don't like my kitchen with pictures included of the old arrangement.  

Last weekend while in a recycle shop, Tetsu found a kitchen cupboard that he liked.  It is not that I haven't pointed out other kitchen cupboards before... but he found one he liked, and he was willing to figure out how to get it home and into my kitchen.  And he is willing to chop up our old cupboard today.  And bless his soul, he was willing to spend all day helping me clean the kitchen from top to bottom.

This is our new cupboard!  I was able to get rid of the long~ dark one and also the rice cooker bin that held both the rice cooker and the microwave.  The new one is taller making up for the length of the old one, and very bright and shiny!  It was heavy as all get out and though Tetsu had the recycle shop people load it on their U-haul truck, we had to get a farmer friend and his cousin to come and help us unload the cupboard and put it in the kitchen.

Oh my, the whole house was affected by the kitchen rearranging.  I had piles of dishes, cutlery, food stuffs, appliances all over the living room, dining room and out into the yard!  While Tetsu returned the U-haul, I washed and wiped and decided which shelf was going to house which set of dishes (throwing out some of the unused ones in the process.

When Tetsu got back, we proceeded to push the refrigerator into a new position and then cleaned walls and floors and the inside of the sink area.  My fingers are raw this morning!  This old little cupboard got a face lift with some new fabric behind the glass (The kitchen looks even MORE jumbled when you can see the insides of this cupboard.)

My choice of cupboard fabric.  I wanted something bright and cheery that makes me smile!

Okay... Well, this area didn't really get changed... but it did get cleaned.  I seriously had the thought that after Tetsu retires he ought to go into the house cleaning business.  I've never known someone who can scrub and clean and get down there in the crud and grime and CHEERFULLY whistle the whole day long.

The interesting three tone strip there next to the refrigerator is our attempt to hide the wall discoloration made by the refrigerator when it was against that wall.  Bible verse placemats!  Yeah!  That's what I need, Godly inspiration while I'm cooking!

Dum-di-dum~~.  Hey... I'm beginning to LIKE my kitchen!

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