Monday, April 22, 2013

Blood pressure

I have a question.

How many of you have a blood pressure monitor in your home?  And how many of you take blood pressure readings yourself?

The reason I'm asking is because Tetsu's doctor recommended he buy a blood pressure monitor and check his blood pressure daily (or maybe it was twice a day.)

I think this is excessive... but I have little patience with medical issues...  I think Tetsu should watch his diet and take his blood pressure medication and seeing those little numbers is just obsessing.  But I'm in the minority here as I've asked Japanese friends too about their blood pressure monitoring and most of them have a machine in their home and occasionally use it or encourage their spouses to use it daily.

Tetsu's mother checks her blood pressure every time she stirs and that is definitely obsessive behavior!  I shudder to think of Tetsu overlapping his mother's preoccupation.

"Well, the doctor told me to."

I know that my mother at 92 has never owned a blood pressure monitor... even though she too has high blood pressure.

I will probably buy Tetsu a machine.... just because his doctor told him that it might be a good idea...  And because I love him and want to keep him healthy...

But I'd still be interested to know if this is a more regular activity than I thought it was...

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