Friday, January 6, 2012



Okay. Do you think that will warn her off?

Yesterday was the last day of the holidays. This weekend Tetsu is home and school and work etc. starts for me on Tuesday. This means that my extended sewing time is coming to an end. And when I realized that, I realized that I hadn't made any progress on remaking Mrs. Kaneko's quilt. Here I've been thinking about it for months, putting it off until the holidays and the holidays were almost over with nothing being done.

Be bold! Make that first cut!

And so I did. Gulp!

I wanted to save as much of the original quilt as possible... so I was careful not to cut through any fabric that might be reused.

And this is what has happened to Mrs. Kaneko's quilt. See... I didn't want her to burst into tears.

Okay... okay... Don't panic... Tanya, you are making this a better quilt. It will take time and some thought and effort but it CAN be done.

What does a panicked quilter do? Call her mentor. Mrs. Furui.

In less than 45 minutes I was over at Mrs. Furui's house with the cut out blocks and the left over quilt wreckage... plotting the next step. Mrs. Furui took a picture of me for historical reference.

Okay. The next step... Between the two of us, we decided that it would be best to lap quilt the blocks (they are held together by the long-ago quilting around the blocks) and then put the blocks back together later. And then use a new backing for it all.

As we were discussing, the kindergarten principal came visiting and though she knows nothing about quilting she knows her Bible.

"The Bible says something about sewing old wine skins to new ones... I think you should have left the quilt the way it was."

Too late now! I can't give the quilt back to Mrs. Kaneko in this condition!

Never fear! I WILL make this into a beautiful quilt. (Again.) I left Mrs. Furui 4 blocks to lap quilt for me...

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