Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cameras, cameras, cameras

SNC. Sigh.

I think I've given up. Yesterday Tetsu and I had church cleaning duty and then we went up to Central Nikko to go to a spa (Tetsu's favorite pasttime. If I have a book or my Kindle then I'm willing to go have a quick bath and sit and read for an hour.)

About 20 minutes from us is the tourist center of Nikko with a couple of Japan's most famous shrines and temples, and 15 minutes beyond that are the plains and lakes and waterfalls of Nikko. If you have ever been to Nikko you've probably visited either the waterfalls or the temples. And the Toshogu shrine is a favorite place for traditional weddings.

Yesterday as we drove through the shrine area we saw a kimono clad wedding party standing in front of a picturesque Japanese bridge.

"Oh look! What a perfect picture!.... if I had a camera...."

On the way home we stopped for noodles for lunch and then went to the electronics store. And I looked at cameras and cameras and cameras. I'm really a terrible shopper. I don't know what I want, I find better and think I want that. All the numbers and pamphlets and samples left me confused... I came home to look on the Internet which hasn't made anything any plainer.

But I'm weakening... I really need a camera.

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