Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A walk in the town

Still no camera. I've contacted students asking them to check their purses but no one has found it. That means that in 20 minutes time I managed to lose my camera somewhere in this small house...

So... What sort of pictures do I have in my files?

I couple weeks ago I took an hour's walk with Choco heading into town a bit. I never got around to posting those pictures so I guess that is the topic for the day. Maybe Takumi and Leiya will enjoy the memories associated with these sites (though neither child reads my blog regularly...)

The first picture is directly behind our house... on the other side of the forest. Everyday Choco and I go walking towards Mr. Nantai. Takumi and Leiya rode their bicycles along this road to the jr. high.

After about 20 minutes of walking Choco takes a drink in a little stream that runs through the fields and past farms. I think this is a man-made stream with water fed by wells and pumps because there are times when it is completely dry and times when it is rushing with water. The farmers have a whole system of directing water from this stream to their rice fields.

These are little ojizou-san that can be found along roadsides and near cemeteries. The day before Choco and I had walked by these ojizou-san and they were still wearing their faded, weathered hats and bibs. But on this day someone must have just re-dressed them for the new year only hours before we passed. They were all brightly decked out!

This is Takumi and Leiya's jr. high school. Let's see... The second or third set of windows from the right... On the second floor. When Takumi was a second year student at this school he tried jumping off of that balcony and landed on his face. You can read about that in this post...

And this is the school where Leiya punched a wall and broke her hand. I have mixed memories about this jr. high school...

And here we are walking over the overpass on the main street. Not so main... Hardly any cars around at all!

And this is where Choco and I were headed... To the post office. This is a brand new post office just built last month. (Takumi and Leiya, you wouldn't recognize the area anymore!)

And a final picture of the gasoline station where Takumi had a part time job for awhile in high school. The school regulations didn't really permit students to have after school jobs but we felt it was a better way for him to spend his time than getting into trouble.

So much for the tour of the town... I had planned to do some sewing today. Or shall I go looking for my camera again?

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