Monday, January 9, 2012


Guess where Tetsu and I went yesterday!


Tetsu's been talking about it for awhile but I couldn't get in the mood... It's too far away. Choco would be out in the yard all day and most of the night in the cold. What are two oldies going to be doing at Disneyland?

When I was a child my family went to Disneyland A LOT! We lived only about 20 minutes away. I got tired of Disneyland!

After Tetsu and I moved to Nikko we took the kids to Tokyo Disneyland quite a few times. As we wandered around the park yesterday Tetsu and I recalled memorable visits. The time we took our dog with us and left her in the pet area. Takumi was 6 or 7 years old and just before closing hours he disappeared in the crowd. As Disneyland staff sent out "lost child" alerts throughout the park, we realized we needed to get the dog out of the pet area before they completely closed up and so Tetsu dashed there first. And there was Takumi, waiting OUTSIDE Disneyland in front of the pet area.

"I knew you wouldn't leave without Shoko (our dog). So I figured this was best place to wait."

Anyway, yesterday Tetsu and I left at 6:30 am and headed for Disney Sea. We arrived around 8:30. Hey, not so far away after all! The park opened at 9:00 and we waited expectantly. We've never been to Disney Sea! What is past those gates?

A volcano!

Oh, too much to describe! Tetsu and I had absolutely no idea of what to see or where to go so we followed the crowds racing here and there to the various park areas. Mermaid Lagoon. Arabian Coast. Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront. Lost River Delta. Mysterious Island. Port Discovery.

Of course there was a lot of waiting everywhere but Disneyland does a good job of making the wait interesting with lots of things to look at. And there is the FastPass system which helps a lot.

Although Tetsu and I did feel a little ancient (the only other people there our age were accompanying grandchildren) our hearts were young and there were many, many things that amazed and delighted us!

As evening fell, the lights came on and that made Disney Sea even more magical! We had planned to leave about 6:00 but Disney at night is irresistible and we stayed until nearly 9:00. (Poor Choco!)

I'm afraid this was the only picture of the two of us that I got... and it isn't very good, but I'd better include it as a record of our trip.

There was a wonderful water show near the end of the evening... One that we weren't expecting at all!!! Such beauty made with lights and spotlights and animation, and color, water and fire! Very, very exciting!!

Tetsu and I had a wonderful time and I'd love to visit Disney Sea again!

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