Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday sewing

We're on the last couple days of New Year's break. I'm spending most of the mornings sewing and putting in an hour or two of correcting someone's thesis. I like to do correcting though it usually takes more time than I expect it will.

Sewing. I started the Crazy Goose Chase! A couple of years ago, Julie of Joe Tulips Quilts, sent me the pattern after I commented on her lovely quilt. The pattern has been on my bookshelf for over a year but I felt it needed undivided attention... like a school holiday. It is a Stack and Whack type of pattern, one that I've never done before, thus the concentration needed. I also was getting frustrated by all the fabric that I have that doesn't get used and thought that this would be a good way to mix and match a large quantity of scrappy fabrics at one time. (Isn't it interesting that we have all this fabric yet, when we want to make something, nothing seems quite perfect? With all the stuff in my drawers why did I have such a job finding 16 dark fabrics and 16 light fabrics? If it isn't dark or light then what is it?!)

I spent Monday and Tuesday choosing fabrics and cutting them out. Gave that roller cutter a workout cutting through 16 fabrics at one time! I need to go buy a new blade this week. Yesterday I began sewing the first blocks. After today's post I'm going upstairs and seeing if I can put together all the "Geese" blocks. Progress report tomorrow.

I also have done my homework on the bazaar quilt and put together all the tree blocks I was supposed to make. Yeah! That's done. And I've been working on stars for the Star Within a Star quilt. I didn't take pictures of those and still have at least 10 more to make. So you see I've been working on crossing things off my list! (The Alabama Beauty is still calling to me...)

And if I find that I have extra time on my hands, there is a BOX of quilting magazines waiting for me! Julia of Sasebo sent me a 50 pound box of quilting magazines!!! Talk about a treasure chest!!! I will spend some time pawing around in the box and looking for border ideas for the Bible quilt that still needs to be remade...

I LOVE the holidays!

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