Friday, April 29, 2011

Quilting safety pins

I received a surprise package in the mail this week. Leiya's high school best friend's mother and grandmother sent me some quilting safety pins! What a wonderful surprise and so sweet of them to notice that I NEEDED pins! I guess I mentioned that I was running out of pins with all the projects I'm trying to do at once and though they are non-quilters, they went to the fabric store and asked,

"What on earth are quilting safety pins?"

(Same question Tetsu asked when I told him that Julie and her mother had sent me pins.)

I wish I could be so considerate as to notice what people might "need". I tend to do things for people when they ask or because it would be something I'D appreciate, or something I'D like.

Also in the package were some stork scissors! My very first pair!

Thank you Julie, and thank you Julie's mother! Thank you for pins and scissors and for letting Leiya into your home and for taking her to and from college and for just being there when she needs family.

Thank you for thinking of us.

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