Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Easter has not made it to Japan. No Easter eggs, no bunnies, absolutely no Resurrection! Even in our church our Easter celebration is going to be a service... sushi lunch boxes and then a budget congregational meeting. A meeting?! On Easter?! (But I'm one of the elders who decided the date so I can't complain...)

Mrs. Furui is in the Easter spirit by decorating her house with her display of Easter eggs. When she lived in Europe she collected many fancy eggs and at this time of year her house takes on a European feel (I guess... I've never been in a European house.)

On Thursday Y-kun came proudly to English bearing daffodils from his garden and a big smile. Spring has arrived!

My little cross vase from Marlene is my only Easter decoration but it does show off Y-kun's daffodils very nicely!

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Sunday! The Lord is risen indeed!

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