Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pre school lunches

Every other Monday when I go to the pre-school, I finish up just about the time the children are getting ready for lunch. There is a kitchen at the pre-school and lunch is prepared for about 100 people. I've never eaten lunch there but it always looks delicious! Over the past few weeks I've snapped a couple pictures of the day's lunch.

Let's see... One day it was udon noodles and meatballs. The yellow slice in the noodle bowl is a sweet omelet. The white and pink slices are pieces of steamed fish cake. Dessert was an orange section.

Another day spicy tofu and grilled fish was served. It looks like there were some simmered radish pieces and also a glass noodle (rice flour noodles) salad. On another tray there was rice and miso soup laid out ready to serve too.

Actually this lunch was taken at the kindergarten where I go every Wednesday. The kindergarten requires parents to send their children to kindergarten with a lunchbox everyday but once a month there is a kitchen crew who makes a special birthday lunch. I received a lunch too that day and I got to sample the day's fare. Sticky red bean rice (celebration food) lotus root salad, some greens in sesame sauce and a strawberry.

Pretty healthy lunches don't you think?! As far as I know the children don't seem to have a problem with all the vegetables and fish. When my kids were in kindergarten Leiya never liked the red bean rice and she brought it home each month. In elementary school, school lunches were/are mandatory and though Leiya had many likes and dislikes she was only allowed to leave one thing on her plate... She learned to eat foods she didn't like... (or sneakily passed them on to friends who did like them.)

The last picture is back at the pre-school. The teachers eat the same lunch as the children (a bit larger portions?) and these cuties were bringing lunches to the pre-school principal and director. Don't spill anything!

It looks like that day's lunch was more noodles, kiwi fruit and Chinese spring rolls! YUM! Yogurt for dessert.

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