Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mirror, mirror

This morning Choco had a tummy ache and so at 4:00am I was taking her out for a potty run. After taking her out, bringing her back, taking her out again, I finally gave up and at 4:30 just took her for a walk.

So that was NOT good, (but Choco is fine now) but I did take my camera and when there was enough light at 5:00 I snapped pictures of the flooded rice fields.

Was this picture worth taking? Not enough light yet...

Not all of the fields are flooded but the farmers are filling them and driving their tractors through them and then the planting will start. There is only a week or so of flooded fields with no rice planted and this is when the landscape looks like someone has laid down mirrors all over the countryside.

If it is a windy day we won't see the mirror effect. If there is too much soil debris or the water is too low, we won't see the mirror effect. If the sky is too bright, we won't see the mirror effect. It is only when the fields are first flooded, the rice yet to be planted, the breeze is still, and the sky is overcast but softly bright, that this lovely scenery appears.

Thank you Choco for persuading me to go see God's beauty in the early hours...

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