Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wicked Easy Quilts

I counted up the number of quilts I need to do or want to do in the next couple weeks. Eight! I'd better get sewing!

Thursday, Mrs. Ochiai came over and we worked on some Wicked Easy Quilts. Mrs. Ochiai has been wanting to make this quilt (because it is so easy) but hadn't decided on colors. And then my friend, Jane sent me the wonderful, vibrant, watermelon pink fabrics and Mrs. Ochiai asked if she could use some of those! Great! The two of us can make tandem quilts! (Mine for donation.)

So Thursday, the two of us measured and cut and sewed. AS USUAL, I mis-read numbers and dang-it-all if we didn't cut one piece, 1/2 inch too small. One piece? Hah! 24 pieces! We'd layered fabrics and cut them all out before I found my error! Oh glory! Why is it I absolutely always do this!?

"Measure Twice, Cut Once"?

I need to put up on my wall,

"Read Directions Aloud With Someone Looking Over Shoulder Thrice and THEN Measure Twice, Cut Once".

The nice thing about sewing with Mrs. Ochiai or any veteran quilter is that mistakes don't throw them.

"So, there's not enough fabric... Okay, I'll just add a bit more of something different at this end. It will make the quilt more interesting."

When teaching a novice quilter I start sweating and my student looks at me hopefully as I try to figure out how to remedy my mistake. Mrs. Ochiai just dove in. And by the end of the day she had her Wicked Easy Quilt put together.

I worked on mine yesterday and finally got it to the same flimsy stage. Neither Mrs. Ochiai nor I have room to lay our quilts out to photograph them well... But here is a crop of both quilts. I opted to add darker yellow squares to cover up my measuring boo-boo.

Mrs. Ochiai is purchasing backing for both of our quilts this week and we'll get together this Thursday too.

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