Thursday, December 2, 2010

More trees

A rainy day this morning and I came back from crosswalk duty drenched. I love rainy days when I have NOTHING to do because it is so nice to be in a cozy house and just sew. This is what was on the docket for the day.

I made another tree for Mrs. Furui's block exchange game. I really like this last one because although this is all from the same fabric, there was a gradation that gives it a little color. There were also lots of polka dots which again reminded me of snow. These trees are great to be sewing in the winter... Each one gets me more in the mood for Christmas!

I've also spent some time working on signature blocks for a secret friend (whom I think doesn't often visit my blog). So... What should I do?

After consulting some others we did decide on signature blocks. Hey, I have enough fabric alone to make all the blocks. This isn't going to be a problem. The blocks end up to be 3 1/2 inches square. The next problem will be to figure out how many people will be signing. Realistically I would think at the most, 100, and that doesn't make for a very big quilt. I'm thinking that alternate blocks... stars or something... would add more interest to the quilt and make it larger (and give more people the opportunity to donate their sewing skills) but I don't know what would make a good alternate block. Any ideas? And down at the bottom I have the little triangles that I saved from each block's corners... I'd like to incorporate them into a border of some type... I need to put on my thinking cap!

This project isn't really going to get started until after the beginning of the year so I am ahead of myself but I'd like to know in which direction I need to go...

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