Monday, December 27, 2010


Yesterday I made binding. Now what do you think I'm finishing? It's about time!!! I will put the binding on today and and maybe even wash it since it is so filthy. Wait, maybe take a picture before washing and then after too. I'm always afraid that in the first wash a quilt will come undone or some suspect fabrics will bleed (though I've prewashed). I don't know what would be worse... A dirty quilt to show or one that has dye stains.

The other day I had my camera along when I went to the vegetable store. All the racks of drying persimmons seemed very Japanese to me. And anybody want a salted drying salmon? I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to do with one of these huge things if you gave it to me.


2007 New Year's picture. Wow, Tetsu gets to the States more than I thought. Takumi was living on his own (in Hollywood! I don't know how we survived that!) and Leiya flew in to California from Ohio. Takumi still had blond hair (but he's smiling!). Leiya had more pierces in her ears. I really felt like my kids were no longer Japanese. Choco was barking up a storm and causing problems for the neighbors... The cats could live peacefully with each other. (Nowadays Patora will no longer let Cleo and Velvet in the same room with her!)

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