Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday patchwork

Yesterday was patchwork day and we 5 ladies had such fun. I can't tell you how we laughed at Mrs. Furui's organizational skills. Every time someone mentioned a pattern that they would like to make or some fabric that we had past used or some tool that had come in handy, Mrs. Furui was able to pull it out! Including templates, including Xeroxed patterns, including left over fabric, including measurements, dates comments etc! She's like a fairy godmother! Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

And we started on NEXT YEAR'S Bazaar quilt. No matter that THIS year's quilt was just raffled off in November, we already feel that we're a bit behind schedule. (How could that be?) We had previously decided to do a tree quilt this year so after perusing different books and Internet sites we came up approximate sizes and got a tree trunk drawn, cut out and basted to the back ground fabric. Mrs. Harada took that home to needle turn applique this month and the rest of us are going to go about preparing leaves to be appliqued later... Here is our start!

Yes, we are down on the floor ironing. A few reasons for this. Mrs. Furui's standing ironing board (from Germany) broke (months ago!) and so she irons on the floor. This is not so strange since most people iron while sitting on the floor anyway. Yesterday we wanted to lay out the whole background flat so we were ironing off of an old tablecloth. Nice for the quilt. Bad for the knees.

Mrs. Furui's house is ready for Christmas. She has so many nice little European Christmas ornaments spread out around her house. Here are just a couple of her little wooden ornaments that she bought while she lived in Europe.


1989. Same park. Are you getting tired of the same park, same people? Have no fear! Tomorrow Leiya makes an appearance! I remember trying to pull myself together for this picture because I had morning sickness! Such funny memories old pictures bring up.

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