Saturday, December 11, 2010

A good friend

I'm sleepy today. My friend, Chiyo-san, arrived in our town a little after 8:00 a.m. yesterday morning and the two of us talked and talked and talked for the next 17 hours straight with little space for anyone else to get in a word otherwise. Talk over coffee, over lunch, during shopping, over snacks, while swimming and while taking a bath. Tetsu joined us over dinner but fell asleep on the floor while Chiyo-san and I talked on into the morning.

At 6:00 this morning we talked as we walked the dog and on and on it went until we met up with Chiyo-san's husband (coming from somewhere) and the four of us chatted again over coffee. What a lot of subjects we discussed. Solving the world's problems, confirming parent-child relationships, comparing teaching techniques, addressing middle age grievances, reminiscing about 30 years history. Right now my head is full but my eyes are closing!

Chiyo-san used to make an appearance at our house once a year on her way from America to her home town in Japan (she lived 14 years in California). Now that she's back living in Japan I don't see so much of her as the last time she came was two years ago. A very good friend and every time Chiyo-san comes I learn a lot about life, about her outlook on things and about myself. She needs to come more often so that we don't try to jam all our ideas into one trip...


1991 and we got to a different park. Shoko (the dog, remember) looks like she's part of the family doesn't she? I think I was playing around with fabric by this time and had made friends with Mrs. Furui but still didn't consider myself a quilter... Still mainly a knitter by the looks of the sweaters Tetsu and I are wearing.

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