Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some things work out, some things don't!

Yesterday was a big day at the kindergarten because they had their Christmas program. Such a mad house behind the stage but as usual everything went off well. People were relieved to see me there just because one year I came down with the flu and had to cancel out. I will never live that down.

The older class in the kindergarten puts on a "musical" pageant and all the costumes are so cute and the few solo singing parts are just adorable. The cow this year was played by a chubby little boy who is so shy but he really sang his part like a pro! I could envision him someday being an opera singer! (that's pushing it a bit but it brought tears to my eyes since I know he is hesitant even to speak up in class.)

So, one thing successfully completed in the Christmas countdown. A billion more things to go!

Tetsu's vest is not much further along than it was a week ago. maybe less! I made the back. I made the front. WHY doesn't the front fit the back?! I have no idea. I counted correctly, I decreased correctly. I think it must have something to do with more cables on the front than on the back. Tanya, you should stick to a book and not try to design your own pattern. Too late for that now. So I dettink (that's knitted backwards) quite a ways back and am trying to reknit the V-neck. Do you think this will get done before Christmas? Not if I run into more problems.


1998 New Year's card. Takumi was 12 and Leiya 8. Yes, Lemi is sitting on Shoko. I told you they were very good friends!

I don't know if I ever mentioned that Tetsu used to teach judo. Well, he used to be pretty good in judo himself (before I came along) and his dream was to have his kids do judo too. Takumi started judo when he was about three and Leiya looked forward to joining when she entered 1st grade. (Sorry. I am a non-judo person.) Every week I would take my kids to the city gym and meet up with Tetsu and the three of them would do judo with other children and teachers. I usually sat in the bleachers and did hand piecing. Tetsu had big plans for our kids in judo!

BUT parents dreams are often different from their children's. Takumi decided in jr. high that judo was not for him and a year or so later Leiya dropped out too. Poor Tetsu! Nowadays we are all pretty far from the judo scene but this picture was taken at the gym when our family was keen!

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