Thursday, July 29, 2010

A day in LA

Yesterday Leiya had to go to the Japanese Consulate to apply for a new Japanese passport. Living in Ohio she was supposed to go either to Washington DC, New York or Detroit but since she doesn't have any way to get to any of those places she tried the Consulate in Los Angeles.

It takes 10 days to process a passport so that's why we were doing this on Leiya's second day here and Marcy drove us down (though she doesn't much like driving in LA.) A lot of security to get into the building but I suppose that's true almost anyplace nowadays. Not many people in the building though.

We decided to make a day of it and stopped at some famous sandwich place and then wandered along Olvera Street (Mexico town) for a couple of hours. Lots to look at, nothing necessary to buy.

Every year I make it my job to keep the humming bird feeder filled with sugar water and the hummingbirds provide much joy for my mother watching them flit and dive bomb and argue with their fellow hummingbirds. Sometimes 5 or 6 are vying for a place at the feeder and they twitter and make a lot of noise. A very simple pleasure that is easy to maintain. The hummingbirds are happy too!

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