Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tetsu and Leiya don't like it when I just babble on this blog. They want pictures. I'm babbling today.

Yesterday the telephone rang.

"Hello? Is this Grace? (my mother.)"

"No. This is Tani, her daughter."

"Hi Tani! This is Mary." (mother's good friend who is in a retirement center now.) "I called a couple of weeks ago and made arrangements to have lunch with your mother." (Oh no. I never heard about that. I hope we didn't miss a luncheon date.) "But for the life of me I can't remember when we arranged the date." (Ah... Sounds familiar. Mary and my mother are around the same age...) "And also, I thought about inviting your mother's friend from church who lives here but I can't remember her name. I don't remember names so well anymore. The lady is disabled I think..."

"Oh yes! The sight impaired lady. She had a seeing-eye dog named Digger. Doris somebody? I don't remember her last name. Mother~! Do you remember the last name of Doris somebody with the seeing-eye dog?"

"Doris? Doris? Hmmm... I don't remember..."

"Sorry Mary. She doesn't remember."

"Well I don't either... I'll see if I can find out another way. And then I'll try to get us all together for lunch. Let's see... I don't remember your name either..."

"I'm Tani, Mary. I hope you figure out who Doris is and I hope we get to see you."

So Mary and mother are in the same boat and nobody remembers names. Including me... I've met Doris a number of times but I don't remember her last name either. Doesn't it figure that the dog's name who's been gone for years, popped into my head right away.

We ARE a bunch aren't we.

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