Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to the good ol' USA~!

I am leaving in about an hour. Tetsu will take me to the bus station and from there it is about a 3 hour ride to the airport. After a couple hours wait it is another 9 hour flight to LA. I've got my Kindle at hand but unless I go upstairs NOW and get some sewing stuff prepared, I'm probably not going to sew. My contacts dry out on the flight anyway.

Someone asked about yesterday's formal leave of absence paper that Tetsu wrote for me. Yes, that little red blob is our family chop and it has to be applied to all papers much like a signature is needed in Western countries. The squiggles above that WAS my address but I have been warned not to put the address on my blog so I erased it as well as I could.

Tetsu packed for me last night trying not to get annoyed for all the stuff I'm taking. Well, I TOLD him yesterday afternoon that I didn't think I had much space left but we did last minute shopping. Unfortunately the bus only allows one suitcase so I nested my suitcases and I'll divide them up at the airport (I think the one is too heavy.)

Here are a couple of my feline friends thinking that a trip might be an interesting way to spend the summer. They took turns camping out on my suitcase before it got packed.

My last day at home was spent cleaning. Everything that could be washed was washed and all surfaces wiped or vacuumed. The cats got brushed and Choco got a bath. She hates water.


Off I go. As always I'll probably blog off and on throughout the summer but maybe not with the usual regularity. And I'm not going to be spending much time answering comments or making my own though I will go blog visiting...

Next stop, USA!

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