Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Orange and Cherry Jubilee QUILT

I came home an hour ago from a little shopping and look what was sitting on the front walk. A box with my Orange and Cherry Jubilee quilt!!! (And it really is a quilt now!)

June, a blogger friend offered to help me with my problem of not knowing how to get this very large quilt, quilted, so I brought the flimsy with me to California, and sent it off to North Carolina the first week that I was here.

Today the quilted quilt arrived. June has enhanced the triangles and squares with hundreds of magical swirls! It is SOOOO beautiful!!! My mother is sitting here with the quilt just tracing her finger over the swirls and asking over and over,

"How did your friend do that?" "Who made this quilt?"

June also sent some kitty fabrics from her collection and my mother has just been laughing over all the colors and patterns and poses of the kitties.

"Where did you get all these kitties?" "Who collects kitty fabrics?"

"Kitty lovers, Mother. Like me."

I will start immediately on making binding and maybe will get this all bound and ready to adorn my mother's bed for the two more weeks that I will be here. But then it is coming back to Japan with me!!!

Thank you, June. The quilting is just beautiful.

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