Monday, July 26, 2010

Family dogs

Hmmm. Not much going on today. I made another Alabama Beauty block. This is the first year I've ever brought along a Work In Progress (though it didn't start out that way) and I'm getting a lot more done on it than I thought I would.

So, how about some dog pictures? I like dogs. My brother has 3 dogs, 4 counting Maxine's dog that spends a lot of time here now though he actually lives with Marcy's brother. They are all quiet, very obedient dogs which is amazing to me. All the dogs that I've ever owned have been "run-for-the-hills-as-soon-as-you-escape-and-don't-come-back-on-your-own-accord" dogs. You know my headaches with Choco!

Cassie is my brother's oldest dog and is a "store-bought" dog. She waddles and snores and grunts and wants to be left alone. We all call her "Piggy". She will not walk anywhere... has to be carried. She does not like the great outdoors like the front yard. Give her a spot by the TV and she isn't heard of for the rest of the day. Cassie did not like the dip in the pool.

Scrappy is a rescued dog but has turned out to be the smartest, most loving dog I've ever met. I can't take credit for this picture. Kiana snapped this when she got down on the floor with Marcy's big expensive camera. Scrappy's one bad habit is biting his nails.

And here is Sadie. Marcy rescued this doggie too when she saw the big black eyes peering at her from a carrier.

"May I see that dog please?" (Marcy was NOT out shopping for a dog that day... She just wanted a look.) "Oh my gosh! This doggie just keeps coming!"

Sadie has a normal sized head but is lonnngggg~~ And she has a terrific overbite which makes her look very goofy. She also has, what the family calls, Tyrannosaurus Rex front legs.

"Only a mother could love this ugly dog!"

says Marcy and she went home and convinced my brother that they needed a third dog. Sadie is devoted to her family and especially to Marcy.

And nowadays we have Mogley, Maxine's dog. Mogley was even allowed to visit Maxine at the hospital in her last days which says a lot about the compassion of Maxine's doctor who realized how much she loved her dog.

Mogley is hot under all that fur so Marcy's brother decided to try a trimming job. Not too professional but a lot cooler for Mogley.

You know, my brother is a big, grumpy looking guy that shrugs off emotion and displays of affection. (but has a reservoir inside his heart.) It makes me smile whenever I see him down on the floor with the dogs talking baby talk to them.

"You is just a little bother~~~ Now, don't go licking me~~~ Oohh~~!! You baddy doggie! You lick me again~~~ Oohh. Doggie Woggie.~~~"

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