Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Typhoon 15

Yesterday, Japan was hit by Typhoon 15. August and September are regular months for typhoons. They are amazingly wild, scary things that swoop down on us but are then gone in a matter of hours leaving most of us unaffected. (Though I'm sorry to say that in some areas rivers backup, landslides occur and property is damaged by flying debris). Unlike earthquakes, we get a warning a few days before and thus anything that can be blown about is brought inside and storm windows are battened. Farmers are not happy about typhoons because crops can be ruined but most of us think of typhoons to be ridden through and soon they will be a thing of the past.

It started raining here on Tuesday. Typhoon 15 was tracked and scheduled to "land" on the coast of Japan Wednesday morning. It would have been a good day for me to stay at home and stay cozy but I had a full working day. Stand out in the rain and the wind at the crosswalk (not many children walking to school). Bring Choco into the house and put her in her cage/kennel. Not a very comfortable place for long periods of time, but better than being outside in the typhoon. Vel and Cleo were locked in the sewing room allowing Toi and Patora to come in out of the cat house, too.

Once I got to the kindergarten it was announced that all schools were closing at noon so English class was shortened. I used the extra hour to go to the fabric and yarn shop and purchased yarn for Tetsu's Christmas vest this year. (Wow! Shopping early!) And I taught until 5:30 when the typhoon was at its strongest so I really had to grip the steering wheel to keep control of the car on my way home!

Even Tetsu came home early and rechecked doors and windows, closing curtains in case of glass breakage. We went to bed amidst howling and drumming on the roof. (And were awakened by another earthquake at midnight.)

But this morning the world is bright and beautiful. The air fresher, the colors glittering, the sky a deeper shade of blue and the leftover "typhoon" clouds the only indication of all the excitement yesterday.

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