Thursday, September 22, 2011

Piano covers

I've been working on the bargello quilt but couldn't even find my design flannel so I can't put things up on the wall well. With a bargello quilt I'd say a design wall is a must. (But do I want to clean out the closet in order to find my flannel? I do NOT!)

I had my camera along with me when I went to the kindergarten the other day and I took pictures of the kindergarten's pianos. One year when Leiya was still in kindergarten the principal asked if the class could make a piano cover as a parting graduation gift to the kindergarten. There were enough children in the classes that we decided to make two piano covers and I suppose I was one of the leaders of the project though I don't remember much about it.

We took a vote. Do we want to make House blocks or Tree blocks. And we couldn't decide so we made both! Each mother was asked to make one or the other and embroider their child's name somewhere on the block. And this is what we came up with. One reddish piano cover of House blocks, and one greenish piano cover of tree blocks. Can you spot the block I made with Leiya's name on it?

The kindergarten still had two pianos that were naked so the next year the graduating class made two more covers (Mrs. Furui must have headed that project.) They chose apples at their theme. Sorry I could only find three pianos as I was heading out the door... There is another apple piano cover somewhere in that kindergarten!

All the piano covers are looking pretty faded and worn these days. I may need to retrieve them and do some repair work... They give the kindergarten a homey, handmade atmosphere.

(Why is it that the top of a piano attracts stuff? In my house too!)

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