Saturday, September 17, 2011

A vet visit

I took three cats to the vet this week. Chip and Toi were scheduled for their regular vaccinations. On a whim I decided to take Mi with us (if I could find three cat boxes) just because she has never been vaccinated. Mi is our kitty with Feline Aids and we have been careful not to expose her to viruses etc. But she does live happily with all our other kitties and I wanted her checked by the vet.

Oh my, what a racket! The only thing unfortunate about my vet is that he is about a half an hour away from us. 20 years ago when we lived in the next city over, he was close but WE moved away. I like him so much that I pass many other veterinary offices on my drive just to see him. Choco, of course has never minded the 30 minute drive in to see the vet, but the cats! They do not like the car, they do not like the cat boxes. Three cats yowling for 30 minutes to and then again from the vet, gives me a headache!

All cats are healthy. And Mi was vaccinated too just because she spends time with the other cats and might be in danger of picking up a cold from one of them... Mi purred and rubbed against the vet and nurses the whole time. Chip was scared stiff and climbed in my arms trembling. Toi was very blase about the vet's office.

"Hmmm. This is an interesting place. Have I ever been here before? (Yes.) Maybe I'll just give myself a bath on this nice blue table."

Toi is not the smartest of our kitties (but he's the meanest!) He seems so relaxed and "dorky" until he spots Cleo or Vel. I love Toi's orange ears that show a little pink beneath them.

Toi is living happily in the cat house outside. He's very blase about that arrangement too. As long as he gets a lot of food (he is also our BIGGEST kitty) and a cushion to sleep on, he is happy.

Three cats for vaccinations, filaria medicine for Choco, a month's supply of expensive cat food for three cats who have urinary tract problems... My bill ran high! And I still have three more cats that need their vaccinations later this year. GULP! (but I do put aside funds for vet fees every month.... I'm trying to be proactive rather than reactive...)

Sara, who wanted a reference for the Tessellating Cats quilt. I've tried to send you an e-mail but it keeps being returned to me. You'll have to contact me again a different way!)

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