Friday, May 27, 2011


Tetsu and I spent much of this morning talking with our son, Takumi.


I had sort of thought about, hoped, considered, attending his graduation if it was going to be in the summer, but Takumi was never sure exactly when it was going to be and then on Monday (yes folks, May 23rd) he lets me know that his graduation is on Friday. So much for attending his graduation... But my sister-in-law and niece and nephew attended in my stead so at least Takumi had some family for the big day.

Graduation from college? A lot of kids graduate from college. But there were times when I wondered if Takumi would finish high school even... He was less than a sterling student. I have a letter somewhere that I wrote to him (and never gave him) that I wrote on the day he graduated from jr. high school and most of the time I was writing it I was in tears. I was angry at him for flaunting his nose at education and authority. I was angry at the school for the very little direction he was given. I was feeling a failure as a mother.

Takumi grudgingly went to and finished high school but even then I remember counting the days until high school graduation just hoping that he'd make it.

And then he went to California.

It has taken quite awhile.... two years of English language studies (his conversation and comprehension abilities were good from the start... Taking notes and writing essays has been a struggle). Two more years of jr. college for an associate degree. A transfer to a four year university as a math major. And three years of study there plus extra computer courses in order to enter a master's program later this year...

I can't believe Takumi has spent so much time and effort on getting an education. I can't believe it when he tells me he likes studying. I can't believe he has future plans for more education, and work, and a life in the States.

I am proud of you Takumi, for taking control of your life and having dreams and a plan for attaining them. I'm proud of you for being a serious student and overcoming the language handicaps that have slowed your progress at times. I am proud of you for not giving up; for being independent; for being considerate of us, your parents, while we've minimally supported you. Thank you very much for giving us a fascinating view of your life and your thoughts. Thank you for growing up into a wonderful young man. Stay safe... Stay healthy... Stay focused. Enjoy yourself too. Tetsu and I laugh gleefully when we hear you worrying about us in our ever-nearing old age.

Forgive me for getting mushy about my oldest.

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