Saturday, May 21, 2011


When Choco first joined our household 5 some years ago she was hyper. We honestly thought that we might have to give her up (she was a stray that I had picked up) because she hated children and cats, barked constantly, wouldn't walk besides us, went crazy when she saw white pick up trucks and tried to bite people. Neighbors have complained about Choco, and I don't know how many times I've gone apologizing for something my dog has done. We've tried a dog trainer too but she hasn't really made too much progress in the obedience department.

Our first dog was an indoor dog that had become friends with our cat but that would never be with Choco! Because she hated cats so much Choco by default became an OUTSIDE dog. Nowadays we let her in at night (she barks in the mornings) and on rainy days, and she stays in a kennel by the front door. The cats stay clear of her but you can see then tension in her face when a cat walks by. Tetsu and I have always watched Choco closely when we let her in the house. (The cats cleverly congregate on top of the piano and watch her from heights.)

Over the years Choco's behavior hasn't changed much. She still doesn't like children, still can't be trusted around strangers. She still won't walk besides us, she still is hyper. BUT!

Last night I fed the cats and brought Choco into the house for the night. I put her in the kennel and fed her. And then I went off to the pool and out to dinner with Tetsu. When we came home four cats (two were locked up) greeted me as usual at the front door. AND CHOCO!

"Hi Mom! Welcome home! We had a good time while you were gone."

I must not have latched the kennel properly. Cats and Choco were milling around the entryway very happily together. No harm done. I counted up my cats to make sure all were in one piece. No one seemed very concerned about the large, rather boisterous canine in their midst. Choco probably spent the evening on the comfortable sofa. I guess she HAS made some progress and cats and dog can actually live together. Not good for my sofa though. Choco is a VERY dirty dog!

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