Thursday, May 19, 2011

Patchwork Thursday projects

Yesterday was patchwork day and 7 of us gathered to do some sewing. First of all we passed around our block game boxes. Yours truly has FINISHED all her homework in ALL the boxes so I don't have anything more to do in this game... unless I take pity on someone and offer to do their work.

Mrs. Okutomi's block request was for Hawaiian quilt blocks and she is getting close to the 9 block goal. This picture is for Lorraine who is making a block to send back to Mrs. Okutomi from Australia. Lorraine still has to choose a color that will fit in... What do you think? A pretty red? A green? Some of these blocks laid out on the table have yet to be appliqued or are in various degrees of being finished. But they sure look pretty all together!

Of course the main reason we gather together at all is to work on the kindergarten bazaar quilt, but we sometimes forget that that is our purpose! We bring in show-and-tell things and share hints and new discoveries in the quilting world. (Mrs. Furui has purchased a wonderful needle threader! I bought a needle threader last year but her new one is so cute! We ALL want a new needle threader so Mrs. Furui was taking orders! Maybe I can show that after next month's patchwork gathering.)

Okay... We really must stop sharing and chatting and eating, and get down to sewing! Finally the bazaar quilt came out.

Basically the center tree is finished though it seems a little lopsided still so a few more leaves may go on. All the surrounding stars are finished and were ready to add. This is a little small for a bed covering... Leave as is? Add a border?

"Mrs. Furui? Remember that odd green fabric you and I bought years ago? The one that made your eyes smart?' (the design is fuzzy and you don't know if your eyes are blurring or the fabric is off..)

Mrs. Ochiai laughed because Mrs. Furui knew right away what fabric I was talking about.

"Hey, that actually looks nice!"

Mrs. Okutomi made the comment that an inner piping of the same fabric around on the other side of the stars would be nice so we added that trim too. Mrs. Furui cut, someone ironed, someone pinned and I sewed.

We didn't get to a complete flimsy stage (no fuzzy borders on this yet... ) but our blocks are beginning to look like a quilt!

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