Sunday, May 22, 2011


This weekend I went shopping and took my camera along. I wonder if I'm really allowed to take pictures in the department store. Well, no one stopped me.

Japan has some fantastic bloopers on their clothing. There used to be more but finally someone is getting around to checking the phrases that get silkscreened on a shirt. Occasionally I find some real whoppers walking down the street... I'd love to take a picture of those, but it is hard to stop people and ask if you can take a picture of their chest and besides, this is a clean blog. I don't want it censored.

Here are a few items I photographed at the local store.

I have "Good quality mood" when I have a day of sewing. Is that what they mean?

Now this sounds a little naughty... Maybe it is the filmy pink...

It disturbs me that someone hasn't checked a dictionary...

I wonder what they do with shoplifters...

And I wonder if this could be considered desecration of the British flag? Well, it is a desecration of the British language!

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