Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Camping and cats

Good morning from Japan!

Yesterday I did little things for most of the day. I made a label for my Drunkard's Path quilt, no longer called Drunkard's Path. It is now called "Encampment". Sewfun reminded me that covered wagons would encircle a camp for protection. Though this does have a pioneer feel about it, I've never seen a covered wagon whereas I've met a few angels so I added the Bible verse... "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them." Psalm 34:7. I'm partly referring to my camping out in the living room too.

And I finished embroidering faces on all of my Tessellating Cats. Some are ugly, some are cute. The upside down black ones I got tired of doing so they are all "sleeping" with eyes closed except for this one whom I put a few "sparks" into. Before I get to machine quilting this I need to work on the Alphabet Soup quilt (I'm no too thrilled with that name yet.)

More blackouts yesterday afternoon and evening. Here is Chip keeping me company at the kotatsu. A couple friends asked about how the cats are reacting. Chip has reverted to babyhood and will not be left alone for a minute. She hides her face in my arms or in pillows or under blankets and is truly a Scaredy Cat. Poor kitty.

Cleo, who used to live undisturbed up in the sewing room with Velvet, can no longer stand to be locked in there. It must have been all the banging and things falling and sewing machine crashing that has spooked him. Cleo prefers to prowl around the house, slinking under chairs and sofas for protection. He has become another Scaredy Cat.

Vel, tends to like his solitariness and would prefer to have nothing to do with any other feline but in a house of 6 he finds it hard to be alone. He and Toi are archenemies yet because of the freezing rooms I have found Vel actually sitting in a box with Toi. They are not exactly friendly but the battle to stay warm has united them in sharing body warmth. (Mi is in there too, oblivious to the bad vibrations.)

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