Monday, March 21, 2011

Cabin Fever

Good morning from Japan!

My blog is getting thin of blogging topics. There's only so much you can talk about when the blogger has been housebound for 12 days.... This morning Tetsu said to me,

"Well Tanya, you've always said you'd have no problem living at the top of a mountain with no one around but cats and your patchwork. Now you're really doing it."

Not at the top of a mountain and I certainly would have preferred CHOOSING this lifestyle rather than being propelled into it. Though not relaxing it IS quiet.


Tetsu came back late last night from an overnight stay at the convalescent home. Four elderly residents from a Fukushima convalescent home were brought in and though there were no beds available, a place was made for them on the floor of some room. This isn't so terrible as it seems because they probably lived most of their lives sleeping on Japanese tatami (mats) anyway. Other convalescent homes in the prefecture are dealing with the same situation... new residents, many already confused with dementia, are being brought from Fukushima and packed into available spaces...In some cases no one knows where the family is...

Today is a rainy day. But we still have three more days of school so out to the crosswalk I went out with Takumi's words of caution in the back of my mind. The children are walking to school as normal. Excuse me, aren't we worried about radiation in the rain? I guess not. For the people in Fukushima the instructions are to stay indoors, wear a raincoat in the case of going outside, remove raincoat and anything else that is wet and seal them in plastic bags, wash clothes and shower as soon as returning to the house.

So I wore my raincoat and plastic gloves. And I got all wet. Okay.... If I sit down wet in my car afterwards then the seat is going to get all wet. But do I want to stand in the rain and take my raincoat off and stuff it in the back of the car? Ah, I have a towel. I'll wipe myself down and lay the towel over the car seat before I sit down. Now the raincoat is somewhat rid of rain and the seat is somewhat covered but the towel is soaking... Now what? I feel like the Cat in the Hat Comes Back trying to get rid of that big ugly PINK CAT RING in the bathtub. Who knew that Dr. Seuss was giving a lesson on radiation.

I realize some of you don't have any idea what I am talking about. I think I'm getting cabin fever... "Cease striving."

No, I didn't make all this just in the past couple days. I had made this string quilt (one row smaller) last year or maybe even earlier. I wasn't too thrilled with my choice of lattice so it has been sitting in the drawer. I measured it and found it a scant too small for Quilt Tsushin's measurements so I made up 6 more blocks yesterday (and mis-measured the lattice... You can't even tell, right?) Since Quilt Tsushin is saying not to send quilts to them until May 1st I could even add another row or two. I still have lattice fabric and of course a lot of strings...


I've gotten questions about the address for Quilt Tsushin. The last I heard it was this one:

Patchwork Tsushin Co.Ltd

Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Comfort Quilts

113-0033 Tokyo, Bunkyoku, Hongo 5-28-3


And someone suggested we label our packages "Bedding for Japan" rather than "Quilts".

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