Monday, November 15, 2010


Let's see. I'm perking again. NOT going to the swimming pool! During my confined evenings I've been knitting. I'd better watch out. I might decide never to go back to that swimming pool again. Winter evenings are definitely better spent knitting rather than swimming. (But swimming is supposed to be keeping me healthy. It's not doing a good job, cough, cough, sniffle. I can nibble while I knit so this is not good either...)

I changed directions after I made the Celtic design for Tetsu's sweater. Just too confusing and not very visible for all the work. I'll have to keep it in mind when I'm using less furry yarn. My friend Mrs. Ide offered to make up a pattern for me and after measuring one of Tetsu's favorite vests she went home and drew something up on graph paper. Supposedly this is Tetsu's basic size and I can make anything I want for him using this graph paper. Supposedly.

And then Mrs. Ide brought over her nifty knitting rulers and demonstrated how you use them to increase or decrease the right number of stitches. I've been knitting frantically (from base to armpit) so that I can show Mrs. Ide how I used her rulers. I hope I did it right...

I remember when I was young and newly married, hiding away in the freezing storage room knitting away at Tetsu's Christmas present so that it would be a surprise for him. I don't why he wasn't suspicious about his wife spending her evenings in the storage room. I thought it would be romantic to hand him a surprise hand made present on Christmas.

Nowadays I sit in the warm living room directly in front of him flourishing my needles and yarn.

"This is for you. Act surprised when you get it for Christmas."

So much for romance.

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