Saturday, November 20, 2010


You know, I was really surprised when a couple of my blog friends commented on my post about the Lemon Stars and said they knew it as LeMoyne Star. What? I've heard that name before but I thought it was a different block entirely. Lemon....LeMoyne...? Could it be that all these years, just conversing in Japanese with my patchwork friends, that I've had a completely "wrong" spelling in my mind? Yes... It is possible...

I went to the Internet and checked LeMoyne. Yep, that's my block! So I HAVE been wrong all these years. I wonder what spelling my Japanese friends "imagine" when they hear the name...

But then I went to one of the first patchwork books that I ever bought in Japan to learn basic patchwork... And there it was! Lemon Star! Oh, I'm so glad that someone else calls it that and not just me. So I'm not completely un-knowledgeable of patchwork basics. Lemon Star is the name in at least one Japanese book, and I did begin my patchwork life with this book.

On a completely different topic.

Tonya of Lazy Gal Quilting sent me a picture of a quilting booth that she was at in the Houston International Quilt Festival. My quilt was hanging in the booth!

I sort of, sort of not, knew that. Let's say sort of not. I made this Wonky Word quilt using Tonya's directions and gave it to Leiya a couple of years ago. I have been in blog contact with Tonya and showed her my quilt with the Japanese words in it. Tonya asked if she could borrow the quilt as an example that Japanese can be made with her wonky word system and Leiya forwarded the quilt to somewhere.

Not long ago Tonya asked if she could keep the quilt a bit longer so that it could be "displayed" but it didn't really register what the reason was nor where... Well, it was at a booth selling books (one of which is Tonya's which will be published in December by the way!) at the Houston quilt festival!

I have never made quilts to be shown to the public. There are so many warps and wrinkles and imperfections that even though I don't mind, I know my quilts are very homey but not of great quality. To have my quilt even BREATHE the air in a quilt show is EXCITING, EXCITING, EXCITING!!! Thank you Tonya for introducing my wonderful (to me and Leiya) Wonky quilt!

Everybody be sure to stay tuned to Tonya's blog because she will be letting us know when her book comes out!!!

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