Friday, November 19, 2010

Sofa life

You're going to think that all my husband does is sleep on the sofa but he works hard and when he IS home he crashes on the sofa and is soon snoring. Our animal family love it!

Here is Mi perched on Tetsu's chest. I have COUNTLESS pictures like this because this is Mi's absolute favorite place in the world. The closer to Tetsu's face the better!

And sometimes Patora joins Mi and they make for a warm, fluffy, is somewhat heavy blanket. You can see Patora on Tetsu's lap, but if you look closely you can see Mi is there on Tetsu's stomach.

Chip is not a great fan of Tetsu but if one needs warmth I guess a big knee is as good a place as any to perch. Newspaper, a bowl of granola and a cat to balance.

Velvet is a GREAT fan of Tetsu's but is too polite to climb on a lap unless invited.

"Pretty please? I need some love right now."

Choco occasionally gets into the act too. Choco is NOT allowed up on the sofa. But if she quietly crawls up there (so different from her usual hyper personality) and sits very quietly, she is hoping that the humans in the family will feel so relieved from all the scolding they normally do that they will be forgiving. Which we are.

That's a very dirty dog up there on my white sofa cover but Choco's expressive eyes look so worried about being sent down or worse into her kennel that I can allow some infractions of the house rules...

That only leaves Cleo and Toi. Cleo can be friendly too but he doesn't stay long in one place. Toi will have absolutely nothing to do with Tetsu... and that cat once cuddled like Mi did!

I guess Tetsu has enough company up on the sofa as it is!

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