Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome Back Feathered Star!

Amazing! I am hand quilting again!

On my list of handwork to do the Feather Star quilt has been there for MONTHS. Well, I wasn't going to hold a quilt on my lap during the summer months so it understood the need to sleep in the closet for awhile.

When autumn came along I brought it out of the closet and placed it on a chair in the hallway. My Feathered Star was very patient with me and anxiously waited for me to pick it up and work on it again. Hadn't I let it out of the closet? Wasn't it due for some together time?

Unfortunately knitting needles and yarn moved into the prime space next to my chair and the poor Feathered Star lived a couple months on the chair in the hallway. Blocks for my patchwork group's game moved into line next to the chair. So did the Tisket a Tasket BOM. I even did some quick hand quilting for a project of Mrs. Furui's. That was the ultimate insult to my Feathered Star!

"Applique? Piecing? Knitting? Well... there must be times when they have to come first. But hand quilting? How DARE Tanya start more hand quilting while ignoring me in the hallway!"

I could almost hear the whimpering from my beloved Feathered Star.

I felt remiss. Instead of promises I brought my Feathered Star downstairs last night and placed it next to my chair (on top of knitting and blocks and applique). And what do you know! If it is THERE it gets my attention and I even quilted on it for about an hour. My quilt was so happy!

I'm committed to satisfying my Feathered Star Quilt's longing for completion. It is staying by my chair and maybe by working on it bit by bit, it will someday find a place in light and glory! (On my wall? On my futon?)

Welcome back Feathered Star!

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