Sunday, September 19, 2010

A gadget

Do you know what this is? It is a needle threading gadget.

I've seen this gadget in the fabric stores for years now. It is not very attractive looking. It LOOKS like a gadget. Every time I bought fabric, one of the salesgirls would say,

"Have you ever used this? It is just great! You won't be able to live without it!"

Yeah, yeah. A good sales person... But I WANT to be able to live without your gadget. I don't want to admit that this might be a good gadget to have. I do fine (sometimes) without your gadget. So, no thank you.

And this past month I've noticed this gadget sitting in the craft store wrapped in colorful cellophane with a ribbon and a sign on the basket saying,

"The perfect gift to give the grandma in your family for Respect the Elderly Day."

Don't look at me~! I am not a candidate for your gadget!

But... On Thursday, while at patchwork, Mrs. Ochiai watched me struggle to thread my applique needle (you know those have smaller eyes than normal... or so I've heard).

"Tanya, try this gadget. It is just great."

We all nodded and were secretly pleased that someone in our group had broken ranks and purchased the gadget so that we could evaluate our own need for one.

My needle threading went very smoothly that day thanks to Mrs. Ochiai's gadget.

This weekend I bought my own gadget. Today is Respect the Elderly Day. It is a present to myself. Sigh...

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