Saturday, September 25, 2010

A walk with Choco

I haven't had many animal posts recently. One reason is because I got enough comments telling me I should really let the cats survive on their own (I wrote how they tore up the carpet and the window blinds) that I don't want you to think I am loonier than I am. The cats are still at their antics ("can't get through that blind anymore. Let's make a hole in the next one over...") and they are beginning to think of humans as "warm furniture".

How about Choco? This morning I went out with Choco on a long walk and took the camera along. I must say, Choco's season is really autumn. It must be the hunting dog blood in her. She really fits the autumn scenery.

First off, the Higanbana have bloomed. The fields have borders of Higanbana all around them and I made Choco sit and pose.

(It is to Choco's credit that I can get her to stay long enough for me to walk away and take a picture of her. She will stay for about 30 seconds before forgetting she's on a stay...)

A few fields are still unharvested. Look at that shadow of Choco. She likes to walk with the dumb leash right between her hind legs. It looks like a most uncomfortable position!

And here she is welcoming the morning sun.

No. I didn't lie on the ground to take this picture. Choco is up on the bank of a field and I'm walking below her...

Almost home and Choco needs a drink from the stream that feeds the rice fields. Don't pull me in too!

Oh, and I do like this picture. The pampas grass is taking over the fields and the morning dew makes them glitter with a cloud of gold. After nearly an hour's walk, Choco is puffing and making her own cloud of warm breath! A crisp autumn morning and Choco and I were both happy!

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